The agile methodology is characterised by short-time-boxed periods of time when a dedicated team completes a set amount of work. They break down big-complex projects into manageable, bite-sized pieces. With sprints, teams can ship better products with minimum hassle.
Traditional agencies are sometimes slow. No one likes to be dependent on them. Especially if you want to go to market quickly and validate new ideas and features.
Our team of creators, designers and marketers need to work with your active participation upfront to meet any desired outcomes.From creative concept to shippable and integrated digital experience.
Brand Sprint
A validated brand book within a week.
/001 Complete brand book with visual identity
/002 Social media design system your product and marketing team can start working with
/003 Art direction to speed up your go-to-market initiatives
Design Sprint
A validated figma prototype of your digital product within a week.
/001 A validated Figma prototype
/002 Implemented new solutions within existing user journeys
/003 Tested and approved by your ideal customer
Dev Sprint
The development of your prototype in webflow within a week.
/001 We build a fully functional website
/002 Functional MVP and live staging environment
Marketing Sprint
A valid document with analysis and strategy solutions.
/001 Individuation of funnels and KPI
/002 Implementing a strategic solution to lunch your brand
/003 Proposal marketing activities to implement for different channels